Sound Insulation Testing

Greater Manchester EPC’s sound engineers equipped to test any residential, commercial or public buildings. Our sound specialists are accredited by UKAS to undertake Sound Insulation Testing.

What is a Sound Insulation Test?

A Sound insulation test is required to comply with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations for both new build constructions and refurbished developments. The test evaluates and checks for the acceptable noise level of a partitioning structure between two adjoining properties. The test may also be referred to as Acoustic Insulation or Acoustic Testing.

How does a Sound Insulation Test work?

The Sound Testing procedure takes the form of both Airborne and Impact testing. The number of tests required is dependent on the layout of your build and the number of separating walls / floors you have. We advise that testing should take place as early as possible in your building process, and carpets should not be fitted until the test has achieved a pass.

The Approved Document E of the Building Regulations states; one set of tests is required for every 10 dwellings, unless Building Control have other specific requirements. A full set of tests includes 2 floor tests (2 x airborne / 2 x impact) and 2 wall tests (airborne). It is also possible to use Robust Details as a method of testing.

We strongly advise you consult with your building control body before commencing any sound testing programmes, as they will specify the sound testing requirements for the project.

When a Sound Test is most likely needed?

  • New developments that contain more than one dwelling/flat
  • Buildings converted into flats
  • A property built for use as a residential home, a hotel or nursing home
  • Buildings not built using Robust Details

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