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Manchester Floor Plans – Estate & Letting Agents

Greater Manchester EPC’s surveyors provide high quality estate agent / marketing floor plans and if necessary detailed, scaled drawings to satisfy your requirements. For example, our building surveyors provide land registry compliant lease plans, planning application drawings and building control drawings.

Benefits of obtaining your Floor Plan from us:

  • High Quality 2D/3D floor plans
  • Floor Plan Delivered within 24 Hours of inspection
  • Quick, Same Day EPC appointments
  • Quantity Discounts available
  • CAD Drawing – to scale & detailed projects

Why have floor plans?

The floor plan gives potential buyers or tenants a chance to view the layout of the property from an overhead view, allowing all the spaces within the building to be represented.  When there are only pictures to view the property, the size of the building can look small because of your own furniture and squeezed camera shots, but with a floor plan the property can viewed as empty and people can visualise themselves in there.  Plus, with the property market being as it is, then any extras that can help with the marketing of the property is a bonus.

When will the floor plan be done?

When the EPC is being carried out, further measurements can be taken for the floor plan.  This is drawn up in rough until it is put through the floor plan software and this will be sent electronically within 48 hours.

Where will the floor plan be shown?

The most popular place for viewing properties is on the Internet.  The floor plans can be sent to your estate agent for them to be uploaded on their own website along with other nationwide portals like Right Move, Zoopla and  The floor plans can also be added to your agents’ property brochure.

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