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Greater Manchester EPC Example

£50 All Inclusive

1 to 5 Bedrooms

Domestic EPC’s in Manchester

£45 All Inclusive

1 to 5 Bedrooms

24 Hour Turnaround

EPC Valid for 10 years

How do I receive my EPC?

Sent by post 1st class or emailed

It can be emailed to your estate agent or solicitor too.

Floor Plan + EPC only £70

Why Choose us?

  • Fully Accredited
  • Insured PL-PL
  • Reliable
  • CRB checked
  • EPC’s since introduction in 2007
  • Sale or Rental EPC’s
  • Manchester & surrounding Area Covered
  • EPC’s legally required within 28 days of marketing property

About your EPC Inspection?

The property will be measured to determine the space that requires heat, along with the areas that are connected to other properties and also the heat loss perimeter.  The EPC assessment takes around 30 minutes for a standard size property.

The assessment includes the following;

1. Photovoltaic cells; Size, KwP, Orientation, Shading, Pitch and Orientation

2. Solar Water Heating; Tube Type, Pitch, Orientation, Size and Efficiency

3. Loft Insulation; 12mm to 450mm + along with room in the roof insulation

4. Hot Water Tank; Insulation thickness, thermostat, emersion single or dual

5. Heating Controls; Room thermostat(s), thermostatic radiator valves, programmer, energy manager, zoned, appliance thermostats

6. Heating Output; Radiators, under floor, warm air, room heaters

7. Floors; Construction, position, insulation 50mm to 150mm

8. Walls; Construction, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation 50mm to 150mm

9. Doors; Insulated doors, draft proofing

10. Windows; Single, double, triple glazing, U-Value and G-Values, draft proofing

11. Heating Output; Boilers, storage heaters, room heaters

12. Lighting; Percentage of low energy lights

During the assessment for the EPC, the following will be surveyed (only accessible attributes can be counted);

Diagram of domestic dwelling (house)

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