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The chart to the left shows the type of housing stock in the UK.  This is the target sector that needs improving to improve towards the ‘A’ rating of new builds.

The map above shows how dependant we are on other countries for our gas supplies.  This gas is used for our homes and for our power plants to produce electric

The graph to the left shows the fuel prices for coal, electric, gas and oil from 1987 to 2013.  These prices are only going to increase over the years with the amount demanded, with the shortage of supply.

The graph on the left shows the consumer prices for gas and electric from 1990 to 2011.  Gas prices have nearly doubled over this period whilst electric has remained at a similar rate.

The graph above shows the gas and electric prices of the UK, compared to that of the other European countries.  Although our prices are continually increasing year on year, we are still paying less than most other countries.

The chart above shows which properties in the UK are achieving the higher band in the energy rating.  This shows how the older housing stock is far behind the modern standards and with all new built properties requiring a ‘A’ rating from 2016, this difference is ever growing.

The chart above shows the known amount of fossil fuels remaining on the planet

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