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Our Energy Assessors cover Manchester & surrounding counties of North West England.

All Commercial buildings require an EPC if they are being sold or rented. They are valid for 10 years.

Show off the layout of your property when marketing, so it stands out from the rest, with a 2D Floor Plan, plus EPC.

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About EPC’s

EPC Introduced

Greater Manchester EPC carries out Energy Performance Certificates that were introduced in 2007 as a requirement for a vendor or landlord to produce when a property was being sold or rented.  The EPC is a report of the property’s energy rating, based on the use of heating, water heating and lighting.  

Grading and Marketing

The report grades the property from the lowest level of a ‘G’ (1) to ‘A’ (100) and the higher figure would reflect a building that is near to ‘self-sufficient’ in terms of energy use.  The EPC needs to be produced within 28 days of marketing a property and a solicitor will not complete the transaction until the EPC is in place.

The EPC Report

Along with grading the property, the EPC gives an estimation of fuel running costs, with potential reductions and on the second page. The key elements to the rating are star graded and further down the EPC on the recommendations page, where each improvement is given an initial cost and an estimated reduction of cost.

Where and Why?

EPC are required for residential and commercial properties for selling and renting, both in here in the UK and across Europe in similar schemes.  The purpose of the report is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by becoming more efficient and therefore reducing the pollution in the atmosphere, whilst minimising our reliance on other countries for our energy supply.  

The Future

The EPC won’t necessarily make you buy one property over another, but it is there to give ideas to people and to change our habits of use.  From 2016 all residential properties newly built are required to ‘A’ rated, which leaves the rest of the housing stock far behind in terms of efficiency.

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View this graph of house price correlation and EPC ratings. This government map shows the increasing influence of EPC’s.

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Why do we need an EPC?  Have a look at the where we get our energy from and what resources are left on the planet.

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Commercial EPC's

Greater Manchester EPC have been carrying out Energy Performance Certificates in and around Manchester since the introduction of EPC’s in 2007.  We carry out domestic EPC or commercial ones, as well as floor plans. We pride ourselves on a professional, punctual and friendly service. All properties bought, sold or rented require an EPC.

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If you are selling or renting a house, apartment or bungalow, you require a domestic EPC in Manchester.

Residential EPC's Energy Performance Certificates
Domestic EPC £45 fixed | Commercial EPC from just £110 

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3D Floor Plans give an extra dimension to a floor plan and it gives potential viewers a real feel for your home.

Our Energy Assessors hold the relevant DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor Level 3), NDEA (Non-Domestic Level 3 + 4)  qualifications to provide fully government approved EPC’s. Some of our assessors are also qualified Building Surveyors (Bsc Hons).

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